Keyword Generator v1.0

Keyword Generator v1.0 by Kidux

Keyword Generator v1.0

Keyword Generator v1.0 Screenshot by Kidux


Keyword Generator v1.0 helps you generate many search-engine-friendly keywords related to a few loaded keywords.

For instance, the “Spotify” keyword will generate keywords linked to “Spotify”, such as “Spotify premium”, “Spotify accounts”, “Spotify music” etc.

How it works

Each loaded keyword will go through a Google search query in order to find related keywords, which will later be visible in the big text field in the middle of the software.

How to use

Start by loading a few (or more) keywords into the text field at the top. Then, proceed by clicking the Generate button, and the software will do the rest. You can also check the Replace spaces with ‘+'” checkbox, which will replace all whitespaces in results with a plus sign.

Lastly, use the Save button in order to save the generated keywords.


Click any of the download links below in order to download Keyword Generator v1.0 to your device. Both of the links are official and completely safe. If you are having issues downloading, read: Cannot download file, how to fix?

Kidux server – download
MEGA – download

In case any of the download links are not working, kindly let me know via the contact form and I will update them immediately.

File information

Name: Keyword Generator
Size: 729 KB

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