Kidux Leecher v1.0.3

Kidux Leecher v1.0.3 by Kidux

Kidux Leecher v1.0.3

Kidux Leecher v1.0.3 Screenshot by Kidux


Kidux Leecher v1.0.3 helps you extract data across the internet, such as Email:Password accounts linked to specific keywords – like Spotify, Netflix, Steam etc. That being said, with just a few clicks and good keywords, you can create your own combo list in less than a minute.

How does it work

Kidux Leecher works by parsing URLs from different search engines using a variety of keywords. Then, it proceeds to scrape any data it finds from those URLs.

For instance, it can parse URLs from search results of “steam accounts” from 10 different search engines, and then proceed to parse any Steam accounts it finds on these URLs – resulting in you getting a Steam account combo list.


This combo leecher provides you with multiple useful features, which can help you increase the size and quality of the combo list you’re making. Although optional, I highly suggest you use them to your advantage.

Custom keywords

Kidux Leecher allows you to input specific keywords which will help you create a more-specific combo list. For instance, adding gaming-related keywords (such as “Steam”, “Origin”, “PlayStation”, “Fortnite”…) will result in you creating a gaming combo list.

This feature is amazing, as it helps you generate any type of combo list – including dating, streaming, VPN, shopping and more.

There is no optimal amount of keywords, meaning you can input as many as you’d like. In most cases, more keywords mean a bigger combo list, so you can input hundreds (or even thousands) of keywords, depending on your needs.

Personally, I suggest you input up to 100 keywords and add many different search engines, which you can learn more about below.

Multiple search engines

Adding multiple search engines will result in you getting a variety of URLs for account scraping. Therefore, more search engines will result in even more results.

Kidux Leecher Settings Screenshot

Some popular search engine examples are:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Baidu
  • Yahoo!
  • Yandex
  • Ask
  • DuckDuckGo

Make sure to input every search engine in the following format:


This ensures the keyword goes at the end of the URL. Additionally, make sure the “KEYWORD” at the end is not visible. You can find a few examples below:;?p=

The additional feature related to search engines is the removal of invalid search engines. After this button is clicked, any search engine whose response is 404 (or any other error-related HTTP code) will be removed. This is useful if you load a big list of search engines and you want to make sure only the working ones remain.

Adding multiple search engines is completely optional, but it’s highly suggested if you want to generate big and high-quality combo lists.


Kidux Leecher provides a multithreading feature for both scraping and leeching. This means multiple operations will work at the same time (instead of one by one), resulting in much faster scraping and leeching.

Scraping refers to URL parsing from search engines, while leeching refers to data parsing from previously-parsed URLs from search engines.

The multithreading feature is what makes this combolist scraper so fast, as it can create a huge combo list in less than a minute.

Multiple data types

You can scrape any data with this software. By default, Kidux Leecher offers data to be scraped in the following formats:

  • Email:Pass
  • User:Pass
  • Emails
  • Phone numbers
  • Serial keys
  • Proxies

If these options do not match your needs, you can select the custom regex option and create your own format. You can learn more about regex on Wikipedia, or test your own regular expressions via regex101.

Proxy support

You can stay fully anonymous while using Kidux Leecher by enabling the proxy feature. This version supports HTTPs, Socks4 and Socks5 proxies – meaning you can use any of them in order to mask your own IP address. This will result in search engines not blocking your IP address.

If you do not have a proxy list ready, you can click the cloud icon in order for Kidux Leecher to automatically download fresh proxies off the internet. That being said, you can get proxies and stay anonymous with just a single click.

The proxy timeout is set to 8 seconds by default, but you can change it as you wish. This refers to the longest time the software will wait for proxies to respond. If you have faster proxies (or you don’t use them at all), you can shorten this interval to 3 seconds and this combo scraper will work even faster.

The proxy feature is completely optional. Therefore, if you already have a VPN enabled – you do not have to additionally enable proxies in this software.

How to use

Start by adding keywords into the keyword text field. If you do not have any keywords, you can create them for free using keyword generators. There is no limit to the keywords you can add, but 10 is the recommended minimum.

Optionally, click the Settings button and adjust the previously-mentioned features. As stated before, this step is completely optional, but can increase your combolist size and quality to a great extent – if used properly. I suggest you add at least 5 search engines, then proceed to the next step.

Now, click the Scrape URLs button in order for Kidux Leecher to create a list of URLs related to the keywords you have loaded. When this step is completed, continue by clicking the Leech data button. This will cause data to be extracted from the previously-scraped URLs.

Lastly, click the Save data button in order to save your freshly-generated combo list.

Video preview

Example list of keywords

free spotify accounts
netflix cracked accounts
leaked steam accounts
free accounts list

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Example list of search engines;?p=


Click any of the download links below in order to download Kidux Leecher v1.0.3 to your device. Both of the links are official and completely safe. If you are having issues downloading, read: Cannot download file, how to fix?

Kidux server – download
MEGA – download

In case any of the download links are not working, kindly let me know via the contact form and I will update them immediately.

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