SMTP Checker v1.0

SMTP Checker v1.0 by Kidux

SMTP Checker v1.0

SMTP Checker v1.0 Screenshot by Kidux


SMTP Checker helps you separate working emails (such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc) from your Email:Password combo list. It works via SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocols, meaning it’s incredibly faster than most other checkers which use HTTPS protocol.


This software provides you with multiple features which will help you check thousands of email accounts.

High speed

As stated before, SMTP Checker works via SMTP, IMAP and POP3 protocols – which makes it incredibly faster, as handling such requests takes a lot less time than regular HTTP(s) requests. This enables you to check hundreds of different accounts per second.


This tool provides multithreading support – meaning it can check multiple accounts at the same time. That being said, the speed of this software can be adjusted based on your CPU and GPU capacity, as well as your internet connection bandwidth.

For instance, setting the thread count to 200 will make the SMTP Checker verify 200 accounts simultaneously. This makes the work a lot faster instead of checking accounts one by one.

However, make sure your computer (or a server) has enough power to keep up with the thread count you’ve set. You can inspect your device’s data usage using the Task Manager and adjust the thread count accordingly.

Proxy support

This software supports HTTPs proxies only, and they are useful to keep your IP address fully anonymous. You can get your own HTTPs proxy list for free by using Kidux Proxy Scraper.


All of the valid SMTP accounts will be automatically saved in the previously-selected output file.

How to use

Start by loading an Email:Password combo list by clicking on the Load accounts button. If you don’t have any, you can generate your own by using one of my combo tools – many of which are free.

If you want to use proxies (which is completely optional), proceed to click the Load proxies button in order to load your HTTPs proxy list. This will ensure your IP address stays hidden while you use this software. Make sure to check the Use proxies checkbox before continuing to the next step.

Create a new text file on your computer, which you will use to store all the valid accounts SMTP Checker finds. Then, click the Select output file button and select the previously-created text file.

Optionally, you can change the thread count (200 by default), which determines how fast the software will work. You can adjust this number according to your internet connection speed and your machine’s hardware.

Finally, click the Start button and the software will do the rest. Valid accounts will show up in the previously-mentioned output file automatically.

Buy now

Click the button below in order to buy SMTP Checker.

The payment will be processed via Shoppy, after which you will get this software delivered to your email address immediately. If you have encountered a bug with this software or you have a suggestion, kindly let me know via the contact form and I will update it straight away.

File information

Name: SMTP Checker
Size: 15.3 MB

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