MeetMindful Validator v1.0

MeetMindful Validator v1.0 by Kidux

MeetMindful Validator v1.0

MeetMindful v1.0 by Kidux


This validator helps you find registered emails for the MeetMindful website with an Email:Password or Email-only combo list. MeetMindful is a relationships company that inspires people to make meaningful connections every day.


This validator comes with multiple features which can make it work more efficiently. These features are most important because they can speed up the MeetMindful validator’s speed – simply by adjusting them in under 10 seconds.


MeetMindful validator v1.0 provides multithreading support – meaning it can check multiple accounts or emails at the same time. That being said, the speed of this software can be adjusted based on your CPU and GPU capacity, as well as your internet connection bandwidth.

For instance, setting the thread count to 200 will make the MeetMindful validator check 200 accounts or emails from the combo list simultaneously. This makes the work a lot faster instead of validating accounts one by one.

However, make sure your computer (or a server) has enough power to keep up with the thread count you’ve set. You can inspect your device’s data usage using the Task Manager and adjust the thread count accordingly.

Proxy support

This email validator supports proxies, meaning you can stay completely anonymous while using it. Currently, the supported proxy types are HTTPs, Socks4 and Socks5 – which you can all use.

Although you can get free proxies on the internet, they are usually very slow. This is because many people are using them at the same time. In order to get a fresh proxy list with fast proxies, I highly suggest you visit the proxy tools section of the website. There, you can find software that generates hundreds and thousands of high-quality proxies – in just a minute or two.

Additionally, the best proxy tool you can get is the Kidux Proxy Scraper, which gets frequently updated in order to serve you with the best possible proxies. It’s fast, reliable, and has multiple features which can adjust the size and speed of your proxy list. It’s worth mentioning that Kidux Proxy Scraper supports all of the previously mentioned proxy types.

In my experience, the Socks4 proxy list works the best. Therefore, I recommend you to always use it with my validators – unless you have paid proxy list, which you can get on this link. Paid proxies are a lot faster, and they can last forever – meaning you don’t have to scrape proxies at all.

Automatic proxy updating

By toggling the Auto-update proxies button to YES, the validator will automatically grab fresh proxies from the internet every 3 minutes. This ensures it will always have a fresh proxy list to work with – meaning you don’t have to load proxies at all. Simply load the combo list, toggle this option to YES and you’re good to go.

Proxies grabbed with this feature are located on my own server, where they are frequently updated.

Auto-save valid accounts

Every time a new registered email has been found by the validator, it will automatically get saved in a newly-generated output file. This ensures all of the valid emails are properly saved, even if your computer loses internet connection, for example. The output file is saved next to the validator’s executable file in a text format.

How to use

Start by loading an Email:Password or Email-only combo list by clicking on the Load accounts button. Then, if you do not want to have automatically-updated proxies by clicking on the Auto-update proxies button, proceed to load your own proxies by clicking on the Load proxies button. Make sure to select the correct proxy type as well.

Continue by adjusting the thread count, which should depend on your computer or an RDP machine. An average computer with average internet bandwidth should set the thread count to around ~100, depending on the RAM as well. As stated before, this means the software will check 100 accounts at the same time. Higher thread count equals faster account checking.

Finally, click the Start button and the software will do the rest.

Why is using RDP for checkers better?

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) enables you to connect to another computer and control it as your own – meaning you can install apps, browse the internet, and more.

The average computer is not built for validators, because it’s simply not strong enough. However, you are able to buy a Windows server with good hardware and at least 1 GBps internet bandwidth for a cheap price of $4.99 – depending on the package you’re interested in.

You can buy affordable RDP on this link, which can shorten your account validating time by multiple days, depending on the size of the combo list you’ve loaded. I highly suggest you use RDP for validators, as they will work a lot faster – meaning you will get a lot of registered emails in a shorter amount of time.

Besides, RDP servers can handle multiple validators at a time. The best thing is that you can still use your computer at full speed while the validators are working on your RDP server.

Buy now

Click the button below in order to buy MeetMindful validator.

The payment will be processed via Shoppy, after which you will get this software delivered to your email address immediately. If you have encountered a bug with this software or you have a suggestion, kindly let me know via the contact form and I will update it straight away.

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