YouTube Proxy Viewer v1.0

YouTube Proxy Viewer v1.0

YouTube Proxy Viewer v1.0 Screenshot by Kidux


YouTube Proxy Viewer allows you to watch YouTube videos with different proxies, resulting in generating views using different IP addresses. It also works perfectly fine with any other URL, which doesn’t have to be related to YouTube.

Helps you boost your YouTube channel

Not only is watch time important — watch time is the most important factor when it comes to ranking your video on YouTube and Google. The higher the average percentage, the more likely your video is to rank well.

With a boost in watch time, YouTube is more likely to promote your channel through search and recommended videos, which in turn leads to more views. The higher your watch time, the more likely YouTube will promote your channel through search and recommended videos.

Views measure the video’s popularity and success. A large number of views mean your video content is appealing to a lot of people. Without high numbers, there will be no ad revenue from YouTube for you. This is why so many people want to increase their views.


You can set a custom waiting time for each video. This means you can choose if you want to watch the video for 10 seconds or 30 seconds, for example. This feature is useful as you can increase a certain video’s watch time.

How to use

Begin by using the Load proxies button in order to select your proxy list. If you don’t have any, I highly suggest you generate one using Kidux Proxy Scraper. It’s completely free, and the proxies are of good quality overall.

Continue by adding the video URL to the YouTube Proxy Viewer, after which you can change the waiting time – which is set to 30 seconds by default. Afterwards, feel free to click the Start button and the software will do the rest.

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