Antivirus marks the tool as malware, what now?

Antivirus marks the tool as malware, what now?

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Antiviruses are a set of tools designed to prevent, detect and remove viruses and other malicious files from your computer. However, they often get triggered by completely safe tools, simply because of the way the tools work.

Why are checkers marked as malware?

Some tools might share the same functions as viruses do. For instance, both checkers and remote access trojans (RATs) authenticate on particular websites multiple times in a short period of time. However, checkers do it in order to check if the account is working – while viruses do it in order to steal the account’s information, such as credit cards.

Additionally, my checkers are encrypted in order to prevent people from stealing them. This can trigger some antivirus reports as well, but as stated before, my tools are completely clean and you can prove that yourself by reading the last heading on this post.

The browser is not letting me download checkers, how to fix it?

In case your internet browser is preventing you from downloading checkers, follow the instructions below in order to resolve this issue.

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Browser preventing malicious downloads

Click the menu icon in the top right and choose Settings.

Now select Privacy and Security. Select Security in the right pane.

Select No protection (not recommended).

Antivirus is not letting me download checkers, how to fix it?

Press the Windows key + I keyboard hotkeys to open the Settings app, then choose Update & Security.

Click on Windows Security from the left pane, then click on Open Windows Security.

Now click on Virus & threat protection.

Under the Virus & threat protection settings click on Manage settings.

Toggle the Real-time protection button to Off.

How to stay safe while using checkers?

We highly suggest you use Sandboxie or Virtualbox when running suspicious software. This way, even if the software has malware, your computer will remain clean.

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How can I be sure the checker is clean?

You can use tools such as Sandboxie or Virtualbox in order to run the checkers in a separate OS on your computer. This way, you can test the software with tools such as packet sniffer in order to analyze the data that is being sent and received by the software. If you confirm the data is being collected from your computer, the software you were testing is highly likely malicious.